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September 3, 2009

Discovery Channel – The Colony

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 I have actually invested some time in watching this show and at this point I just don’t get it.  Does Discovery want the viewing audience to believe this garbage? 

 So the theme is there has been a catastrophe and most of the population of the US is gone.  So these people get together and are living is a warehouse somewhere in Los Angeles.  During the show they have “experts” give comments as to what the survivors should expect and everything I have heard so far from these so called experts should have ended with “Duh!”  In other words they all state the obvious.

 In one of the early episodes the folks were very concerned that the toilet was not working and were feverously working to get it in working order.  Now I have to tell you that if I was a survivor of a catastrophe a working toilet would not be very high on my “To Do” list.  I think food and water would probably be right up there with getting the heck out of LA and to the countryside where we could grow our own food and survive into the future.  In one of the later episodes the folks started a discussion about getting out of LA, but by then I was totally fed up with this show.

 In a blog on June 16th I said that I thought the History Channel’s show “Life after People” should be watched by people that have nothing better to do, but the Discovery Channel should pay viewers to watch this show, that is how ridiculous this show is.  The Colony is beyond NOTHING and it has prompted me to program my TV remote to self destruct if I ever tune in again.

 One good thing did come out of my viewing this show and that was when I finally came to my senses and clicked The Colony off I moved on to the Travel Channel to watch “Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations”. (In case you are interested here is a link Click Here.)  Now this is a show I can watch for hours. It’s interesting, funny, and sometimes even touching.  I like how Anthony B. tells it like he sees it, right to the point without any so called “experts” tossing in their two cents 



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