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August 18, 2009

PGA Golf Tournament Final comments

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I really enjoy being surprised and after watching the PGA Championship this last Sunday gave me one of the biggest surprises I could ask for.  I know that when I watch Tiger Woods play in a golf tournament I will see history made.  Well I have to tell you that I tuned in to watch Tiger I had made a pre-determined outcome that Tiger would go on to win the tournament and get his 71st win on his way to breaking every golf record in modern day history.  Of course I was expecting to see that gold old Tiger “magic” also.

  I tuned in early and watched Tiger from the 1st hole all the way to the last and final 18th hole.  What I noticed during the preliminary chat of the commentators was they had the same expectations as I did.  Tiger was playing with Y.E. Yang who was rated at around 110 in the world.  They were saying that that this basically “unknown” did not have much of a chance to win, but something I noticed was that in an pre-round interview when Y.E. was asked about playing with Tiger in the final round he said, “I am just going to play all out.  I nothing to lose and I am going to play at the best of my ability.”  Well that statement got my attention.  Most of these guys (Pro golfers) usually hem and haw about they are going to play with Tiger and usually “cave” in under the pressure.  Now here was a guy did not even go there, he told it like it was and in the end did exactly what he said.  I really respect that and Y.E. Yang is now one of my favorite golfers.

  So off they went with Tiger in the lead starting at the 1st hole.  As the match progressed it became tied and I noticed that Tiger was missing putts that he would normally would make without a problem.  “Hum” I thought, the “magic” is missing, but I figured he would get “pumped” later in the match.  The commentators seemed to be in the same mode as I was.

  Then when Y.E. made that shot to take the lead and the commentators immediately were “shocked” in to a new mode of “Wow”, this guy has come to play and if Tiger doesn’t get going he is going to make history, but not the history we were here to see.  Tiger has never lost a tournament where he was leading going in to the final round.

  Well folks, we now know the outcome and Tiger did make history in and even more history was made by Y.E. Yang.  Y.E. is the first Asian (Korean) golf professional to win a “Major” Golf Tournament.  Now this is the kind of history that “rocks” the world, especially the Asian area of the world.  This is the kind of history that will change the world of golf.  This is really “good stuff!”

  This one tournament has made golf exciting again.  I must say when I tuned in with my pre-determined conception that Tiger was going it seemed like I was just going through the motions of watching Tiger win again and then would be moving on.  I was not excited, however this has changed my thinking and having a pre-determined “projection” as to the outcome of something that has not happened is something I plan to change.  It is said, “That Tiger plays every shot when he is in the moment.”  Well, folks I was way outside the “moment” with my projection of the outcome and I plan on not doing that again, in fact this applies to many other “non-moments” and those will be changed also.

  During the telecast it was mentioned that Y.E. has moved his family to the Houston area and is now living in the United States. I would like to say to Mr. Y.E. Yang “Welcome to the U.S. and thank you for one of the best golf tournaments I have ever had the honor to watch.  I applaud you in following your dream and making it happen.  Let nothing stop you in continuing your journey and inspiring “wanna be” golfers through out the world too follow their dreams.


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