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August 13, 2009

America’s Got Talent continued

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americas got talentWith So you Think You Can Dance ending last week I took the time to watch AGT this week to get a feel for what this show is about.  Between last nights 2 hours and tonight’s show I found AGT to be an insult to the viewing audience.  First they say the viewers are making the decision, then tonight the judges make a decision between the singer and the guy with the dog and the judges picked the guy with the dog!!  Unbelievable!

Another thing that proved to be ridiculous was when the announcement for who was going to be leaving and who was going to continue the “dramatic” pause seemed to last forever.  I timed one of the pauses and it was over 30 seconds.  I guess they need to “kill” some time for whatever reason.

  The only inspiration I get out of this show is to start watching grass grow.  Now that seemes exciting in comparison.

 I congadualte AGT because they are now being placed in the NOTHING file folder.  This folder is set up for all those TV shows that are a total waste of time to watch.  History Channels “Life After People” was the last show placed in this folder.

 I have nothing else to add at this time except I now must go and water the grass so it will grow faster.  SYTYCD will be coming on again September 9th and I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to the new season.


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