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July 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Week #8 Performance

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SO You Think You Can Dance Site

This week is the next to last show.  Next week is the final!


  All couples danced twice tonight along with their solo routine and the three girls danced together as did the three guys.

 Couple Routines:

 Kayla and Brandon:

 1st Routine was contemporary.  I gave this a “WOW!” Best routine of the 1st round..  Nigel said, “Brilliant!.”  Mary said, “Brandon was brilliant and Kayla was perfect.  She loved every second of the dancing.” Lil C. said, “Really intense, beyond amazing.”

 2nd Routine was Disco.  I gave this another “WOW!” Best routine of the 2nd round..  Nigel said, “Fantastic!!!!”  Mary said, “Home run! A really tough routine – done very well.”  Lil C. said, “Brandon brought it and Kayla was very good.  Overall it was awesome.”

  Special comment:  Nigel said he has been waiting for these two dancers to get together and so have I.  This was the first time this season for these two to dance as a couple and it was worth every second watching them dance.  I think they were the best couple of the night.

 Jeanine and Ade:

 1st Routine was a Samba.  I thought it was Excellent, hot, and great execution.  Nigel said, “Jeanine was good, but Ade did not carry it off.”  Mary said, “The 1st 15 seconds were good, but it went downhill from there on.  Not even close.”  Mary added later that “Jeanine was great.”  Lil C. said, “Jeanine looked amazing, but as a couple they fell short.”

 2nd Routine was Hip-Hop.  I did not like the routine, but thought the dancing was great.  Nigel said, “Both were fantastic.”  Mary said, “Ade “got down” and both were tremendous.”  Lil C. said, “Both danced way better than he thought they could.  Ade and Jeanine were both “buck.”

 Melissa and Evan:

 1st Routine was Broadway.  I usually don’t like “Broadway”, but this was very good.  Nigel said, “Melissa has inspired many ballerinas to try out for next season and that tonight she was really good.” Mary said, “Really fun and entertaining.  She enjoyed both dancers.”  Lil C. said, “Was excited but felt Evan fell short.  The dancing and performance was an A, but he expected an A+.”

  2nd Routine was the Quick Step.  The “Quick Step” is usually dreaded, but I like this routine.  It was very good.  Nigel said, “Melissa is very talented, but the routine was a so-so.”  Mary said, “The beginning was good, but seemed to crumble as the routine progressed.  She was a little disappointed.”  Lil C. said, “Evan danced bigger than ever and Melissa was fabulous.”


  Of all the solo’s I think Brandon did a “WOW!”  It was powerful and entertaining.  Even though the judges did not comment on the solo routines, Nigel said, “It was the best solo ever danced in all of the SYTYCD seasons.”  I totally agree.

  Later when Evan danced, I though his routine was the second best of the night.  I enjoyed his solo as much as Brandon’s.

 Combination Routines:

 The 3 Guy Routine:

I thought it was excellent.  All 3 guys were great.

Nigel said, “I thought Evan stood out and that all three were fantastic.”  Mary said, “Loved it!  All 3 were great.”  Lil C. said, “He liked Brandon and Ade, but Evan kept up with them and he was surprised.

 The 3 Girl Routine:

I thought this was also excellent.  Great dancing.

Nigel said, “All 3 were fantastic.”  Mary said, “Amazing, strong, sexy, and versatile dancing.  She also thought that Kayla stood out.’

 Show note:

I really liked the shirts with the peace sign that some of the dancers were wearing in rehearsal.  I wonder where the shirts can be bought?

 Nothing more to add until we see who is going to be in the final four and last show of this season.


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