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July 23, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Week #7 Performance

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so you think

This season the dancers are so good I have to rely on the judges comments to determine who to vote for.  Of course I have my favorites, but since I am not an expert on the different types of dance routines, I add in the judges comments when I make my decision. 

 This week is very special for SYTYCD because it’s the 99th & 100th episodes and last week they said there would be some special guests like Ellen D who joined the judges tonight.

  All couples danced twice tonight along with their solo routine.


 Ade and Melissa:

 1st Routine was a Cha-Cha.  I did not like the music, but I did like the dancing.  Nigel said, “Melissa was hot, sexy and very good.  Ade had great statue and both did very good.”  Ellen said, “They nailed it, it was great.”  Mary said, “She did not like the technique.  Their foot movements were off.”  Mia said, “She thought this was the worst routine Ade has danced this season.  Melissa did great.”

 2nd Routine was Contemporary.  The theme of this dance was breast cancer and this was one special routine.  I was touched by the dancing and so was every judge.  The tears were flowing as each judge gave their critique.  Nigel said, “This has to be one of the most memorable routines he had ever seen in all of the SYTYCD seasons.  The couple danced sensationally.”  Ellen said, “She was privileged to watch this performance.”  Mary said, “The dancing was perfect for the theme and both did a great job.”  Mia said, “It was beautiful, touching, and the dancing was excellent,”

 Kayla and Jason:

 1st Routine was Broadway / Jazz.  I thought it was the best dancing of the 1st round.  Nigel said, “Jason was terrific and Kayla had great lines.  Both did some great dancing.”  Ellen asked, “Are you two carpenters?” and then said, “Because you two are good nailers!”  Mary said, “Great dancing.”  Mia said, “Jason needs more upper body and Kayla would take broadway by storm.  Brillant!”

 2nd Routine was Hip-Hop.  I liked the creativity of this routine.  It was zombies dancing and I really enjoyed the performance.  Nigel said, “Great routine.  He enjoyed it and thought it was fantastic.”  Ellen said, “Amazing!  Loved it.”  Mary said, “They hit it!  She loved every second.”  Mia said, “She loved the routine and the performance.”

 Janette and Evan:

1st Routine was Jazz.  I liked it thought it was well danced.  Nigel said, “Evan was wonderful and they both made a great pair.”  Ellen said, “Amazing.”  Mary said, “Even did a really good job and Janette danced it perfectly.”  Mia said, “Even is growing and did a good job.  Janette is Mia’s favorite.”

  2nd Routine was the Rumba.  I did not like the routine but did like the dancing.  Nigel said, “It was a tough routine to dance and Janette did very good.  He thought Evan lacked chemistry.”  Ellen said, “She loved Evan’s eyes and the couple danced incredible.”  Mary said, “Evan did very good and Janette nailed it.”  Mia said, “Evan nailed it and Janette was excellent.”

 Brandon and Jeanine:

 1st Routine was Waltz.  I thought it was beautifully danced.  Nigel said, “It was an extremely hard routine and he was disappointed.”  Ellen said, “Fantastic.”  Mary said, “The routine was slow, but they did a respectable job.”  Mia said, “There were to many hic-cups and the dancing lacked.”

  2nd Routine was Jazz.  I thought it was well danced.  Nigel said, “Jeanine was fantastic and Brandon did excellent.”  Ellen said, “They made it appealing to join the armed forces.  She classed it as d-a-a-a-a-ancing.”  Mary said, “Strong, powerful, and dynamic.”  Mia said, “Brandon was powerful and Janette was great.  Both were a WOW!”

 Finally on the solos I thought the “very goods” were Brandon, Jeanine, Janette, and Ade.  The “so-so” were Kayla, Jason, and Melissa.  I liked Evan’s solo the best.  Even though he dropped his hat, I found this solo the most entertaining.

  What I like best on tonight show was Ellen’s comments during the judging.  She was the icing on the cake for the 99th episode.  She is ONE funny lady.

 Nothing more to add until tomorrow nights results and the special guests for the 100th episode..


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