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July 21, 2009

Discovery Channel -When We Left Earth – Landing the Eagle

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I have not thought about when we (USA) landed a man on the moon in a very long time.  I do remember watching it on TV back in 1969 along with millions of other people.  Tonight I watched the Discovery Channel special celebrating the 40 year anniversary and it brought out what an amazing accomplishment landing a man on the moon was July 1969.

  I think Discovery did a great job in the interviews and narration by Gene Krantz, the mission Director back in 1969.  He really made a point of telling what happened back then and what it took for this mission to be accomplished.  I like the fact that he locked the doors in mission control in Houston until they landed on the moon successfully.

  After watching all the flights leading up to the final mission I began thinking about everything that needed to happen before the final flight.  Just think about how many people were involved and all the “hardware”: that needed work “just right” to continue on to the next mission.  Now the term “hardware” would be all the moving and electronic parts on the ground and in all the rockets and all the supporting equipment on each mission.  Then take the comments from the astronauts as to how fragile all this stuff was.  Wow, these guys were heroes. The success of the mission was one huge miracle.

  What really stuck me while watching the show was the final sequence when the Lunar Module was in the process of getting ready to land one the Moon and the computer began sending errors back to Mission Control.  Granted Armstrong was doing the flying as he looked out the window, but the guys in Mission Control guys could not see that.  All they saw were computer errors and kept on saying “Go.”  Whew!  That took some guts.

   After that historic mission we went back to the Moon on some other flights that included taking a Lunar Rover so the astronauts could drive around the Moons surface expanding the exploration.  What I don’t remember why we stopped going.  Expense comes to mind, but I will need to do some research as to the exact reason.

  So for now I have nothing to add except to applaud The Discovery Channel on a very good special about the original Moon landing


July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

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Nothing can describe today better than an amazing day when it comes to remembering Michael Jackson. 

 One of the reporters commented that the family said about the memorial service that was to be broadcast on TV, “We don’t want a TV Show, we want a memorial.”  In my opinion that is exactly what transpired. 

 Once again Michael brought the world together in a moment in time as he did time and time again through his music.  Today the world not only mourned the passing of Michael Jackson, they also celebrated his accomplishments.  There was laughter, tears, and many insights as to what was important to him personally.

  The interviews of celebrities, fans and TV “specials” went on throughout the day.  All seemed to me that the thread of everything said was his influence was overall positive.  I think his music absolutely pointed in that direction and his accomplishments through his foundation and numerous other ventures also changed the world and “Made it a better place for you and for me.”

  The “media blitz” will probably continue for weeks to come, but today the world came together for the celebration and the memories of one special person, who in many ways was just like you and I.  We all have our own special talents and even though some of us aren’t super stars, “We are the world” and we can change the world working as one toward a common goal.

 My message for Michael comes from the theme of Bob Hope’s TV show, “Thanks for the memories….”

  Finally I think the one song that describes the message that Michael wanted to world to understand is “You are not alone.

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