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August 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Jenna – 2014 !!!!!

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Happy Birthday Jenna from all of  us  (Gabrielle, Andrew, Joann, and Freddie).

We wish you the greatest birthday ever with many blessings today and every day.

We have nothing else to report except to repeat “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!

July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sydney !

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 We here at the AAN Team Headquarters wish to extend a very Happy Birthday to Sydney and we hope Sydney has the greatest birthday ever.  Also wishing Sydney a Happy Birthday is Gabrielle, Pup- Pup, Pandie, Jenna, Sheepishly, Stripes, Joann, Ray, Pearl Swirl, Bun Bun, Reggie, Nola, Blueberry, Stitch, Teddy, Deery, Red Panda, Peanut, Rocko, Wishful, Daisy, Ice Cude, Sting, Fetch, Halo, Nibble, Pepper, Shelby, Slush, Cancun, Legs, Penny, Swoops, Waddle, Zig-Zag, Safari, Speckles, Leona, Glamour, Bamboo, Babs, Spells, Lucy, Smurf, Hip, Ellie,  Spots, Hello Kitty’s, Candy, Penguino, and Freddie, all of which are doing the Happy Birthday Dance in the middle of the room.


We have nothing else to report except to repeat “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY!!!

July 4, 2014

July 4th 2014

july4Happy 4th of July for all those out there in cyber-space and beyond from the AAN Team.

For those in cyber-space outside of any United States territory, “Have a great day of nothing also.”

Nothing can be better than to watch the exploding fireworks going off in the evening sky.

We also would like to give a really special AAN shout-out to the British folks because if it wasn’t for them (way back when) we here in the U.S.A. would not have a four day weekend this year.  We are sending you guys a whole bunch of “NOTHING“.

Of course we wish to send our prayers out to all the US armed forces out there protecting us and not able to be here to enjoy the day.  THANK YOU!!

June 13, 2014

Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there in cyber-space!

This is one dad that is looking forward to spending the day with his family and I hope that all the other dads out there enjoy the same experience.

Nothing else could be better.


June 12, 2014

Richard Dunn went viral with this Video from Vegas

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Richard looks to be all by himself and stuck at McCarren International Airport in Vegas so he decided to make a video…

We have traveled through many airports and been stuck a few times, so now Richard has given us an idea as to how to make the time go by faster.  Thanks Richard!


We have nothing else to report….

May 26, 2014

The Voice 2014 Final results and some others


Josh_downloadWell folks The Voice winner for 2014 is Josh Kaufman and we have been partying ever since the final show, so that is why the late post.  Josh is a fellow Hoosier and when Josh first auditioned he became our favorite contestant instantly.

Yes way back then and Josh initially chose Adam as his mentor, but during the battle rounds Adam dumped Josh!  Yes Adam DUMPED our favorite contestant!  Well folks, this really ticked us off, so we decided to put a curse on Adam.  We called the AAN team and did a group curse on Adam.  The curse was that during this current season Adam’s hair on his head would change to either white or blonde.  On the other side when ADAM DUMPED Josh, Usher “stole” Josh and then Josh joined Usher’s team, and as we all know went on to win it all.  We think this is the 1st time on The Voice that a contestant that was “saved” won.  We need to research this, but since research is out of our realm and not included in our mission, we leave it to all of you out there in cyberland.  JOSH >>>>>>WTG !!!  (WTG=Way To Go for those who DK (DK=Don’t Know)).





Caleb Johnson won American Idol this season and if you were watching our “tweets” on Twitter, you would have know he was our favorite because we LOVE Rock and Roll! When Caleb sang with KISS, it was like he was part of the band and a seasoned veteran. WTG >>>CALEB!  Because we started following American Idol way back when it first started we still are half-baked fans and watch the show when it gets down to the Top 5 and if a Idol show interferes with The Voice, we watch the Voice like we did this season when Idols final performance show was on the same time The Voice final show was on. (The Idol producers did a “DUH” on this show schedule).





The last biggie that is a winner is Meryl Davis on Dancing with the Stars and as we all know (Or at least most of us) know that Meryl was the partner of Charlie at the Winter Olympics is the Ice Dancing category and they WON GOLD!  Yes folks GOLD!  MERYL>>>>>>>>WTG TWICE !!!!

We don’t follow Dancing With the Stars mainly because it’s on the same time as The Voice and even if it wasn’t we watched it when it first started and never watched again.  However it is highly rated and Meryl’s win needs to be mentioned.  She is a very special and having a great year.






Finally here are the results from the heated “Meet the Peeps” Contest that concluded last week and because there are so many categories you need to follow this link for viewing <<<<  MEET THE PEEPS >>>>>


We have NOTHING else to report except to mention that America’s Got Talent starts soon and we are going to be there!  We are also going to check out So You Think You Can Dance starting soon also our one time favorite a very long time ago.

Memorial Day 2014

Today specifically and everyday we honor the fine men and women who have served, and are
serving this great country at home and abroad.  Our freedom comes from their commitment to keeping this country free and as you know, it is the home of the brave.

This post is also dedicated to Alfred, Mario, Frank, Jim, and Aaron, all members of the AAN Family that have bravely served in the United States Armed Forces.

Nothing else to add right now but a HUGE “THANK YOU” for preserving our freedom!

May 14, 2014

Michael Jackson’s music lives on with “Xscape”

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hqdefault It looks like Michael Jackson’s music will be with us for a very long time.  With the recent release of the  “Xscape” album that is being pushed as music Micheal never released, and was left on the shelf.   The guy was a genius and always will be the one who changed music forever and now this song is sounding pretty good.  We though it was odd having Justin Timberlake in the video even though we like his music, he is not even close to M.J.

The song is “Never Felt So Good”   <<Click here for  the video>>

We wonder where the album cover came from? A creative photo-shop employee or Michael had a vision and looked into the future and thought “Just in case I might need this someday I will take a picture to use as an album cover.”  We wonder?

The next few weeks will be busy in the music reality show world with The Voice (Best music reality show on TV) coming to the final soon and American Idol (The show that started it all) has a final coming soon.  When The Voice completes America’s Got Talent starts.  We will surely miss The Voice and will be looking forward to the new season with the two new judges.

We have nothing else right now except to say we hope you enjoyed “Never Felt So Good”.  We did.


April 29, 2014

Stop using Microsoft’s IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

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 If any of you out there in cyberland has not head about this HUGE issue with Microsoft IE browser follow this link immediately


From what we understand this security issue applies to all versions of Explorer, but the really sad part is for those 500 million users that are still using the XP Operating System you are basically “SCREWED.  Why you ask?  For the uninformed Microsoft as of APRIL 8, 2014 has stopped supporting the XP Operating System.  Of course for the recent “bug” they will find a “fix”for the operating systems still supported, but XP users, you are on your own out there in the virus infected cyber-space attempting to figure out what to do next.  

 Well folks we have nothing else to report and we will soon be hustling to get a new P/C because our backup desktop has the DREADED XP Operating System.  We are strongly thinking “APPLE”!

April 14, 2014

Southwest – an Airline with a sense of Humor

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Now this is a flight I would like to take someday if we are ever going to Salt Lake City via Southwest Airlines.  Click on the Southwest pic above, kick back and enjoy.  Thanks to Mashable for the original post.

We have nothing else to add at this time except to remind you that The Voice is on tonight and we are sure it will be another Monday Night concert.

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